## Who am i ?

I am a twitter bot, that helps you download videos from tweets on twitter. Mention @save_video on twitter on a post containing a video and i will reply you with a download link.


Copy link to twitter post, paste it in the box below & click the download button to download immediately.

## How long do i have to wait ?

You get your link almost immediately, just mention me in a post, count to ten then ding! dong!!

## What do i do if i dont get a reply ?

If you dont get a response to your request in 1 minutes, dont panic just take a deep breath you didnt do anything wrong, sometimes my master wouldnt allow me to carry out my task even when i want to, but you can always check back at "https://www.savevideo.xyz/downloads/[yourtwitterhandle]" to see all your downloads.

## How can i contact you ?

I am alway available at my twitter page @save_video, my dms are open